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Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC)

he Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MOPC) is a voluntary association of Central Ohio governments and regional organizations that envisions and embraces innovative directions in transportation, energy, housing, land use, the environment and economic prosperity. Our makeup is representative of the rural, urban and suburban communities that comprise our burgeoning region. In addition, our transformative programming and innovative public policy are evident throughout the 15 counties we serve.

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Police Officer Position at West Chester Township (Cincinnati)

March 28, 2017. Posted by Lee Wong, Trustee of West Chester Township:

Per my Township’s standard practices to try to reach a diverse pool of applicants, Human Resources posts positions to different job boards which include various area chambers and campuses. I have requested a copy of the Police Officer position posting. It is attached.

I’d sent our Police recruiter to UC and OSU campuses in the past 10 years and we didn’t get a single Asian American to even apply. Please encourage young Asian Americans to get invoke in civic duty in their community- it is the grassroots of democracy.  The advantage of being a Police Officer in America is tremendous. Who knows, someday we may have the 1st Asian American Police Chief in the Midwest!?

Police Office Position at West Chester Township

Please feel free to contact Mr. Lee Wong at for possible referral.

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