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“Stand with Sherry Chen” Rally continues in front of the Potter Stewart U.S. Courthouse, March 15th, 11:00- 1:00 pm. Press Conference with National Asian-Amerian Leaders starts at 11:30 am. Hearing in Courtroom 305 continues from 9 am-5 pm.
Wilmington resident Sherry Chen was an award winning scientist at the National Weather Service and her work predicting floods was used by our government to avoid loss of lives and property damage from the Midwest to the East Coast. An immigrant and American citizen, she had dedicated her life to our nation.  Her life was turned upside down when accused of being a Chinese spy in 2014, all charges dropped a week before trial of the Wilmington resident after a public outcry. The New York Times has called for an “explanation or apology.” Instead, in 2016, Ms. Chen was fired.
Ms. Chen wants her job and her life back and filed an appeal, a wrongful termination, race discrimination and retaliation claim. On March 14, an administrative judge for the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board began a two-day hearing to decide the merits of her case. 
The “Stand with Sherry Chen” rally led by Ohio Chinese American Association received wide media coverage on March 14. There will be another rally in front of the Potter Stewart U.S. Courthouse on Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm. There will be a news conference with Asian-American leaders from across the nation including Ji Su, President of the National Council of Chinese Americans, Haipei Hsue, Honorary Chair of the United Chinese Americans, Monica Yeung Arima, Board Member of the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association San Mateo, and several Chinese American leaders flying in to support from California, Iowa and Washington, DC.
An all-star list of Asian American organizations support Sherry Chen, including The Committee of 100, National Council of Chinese Americans, Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association, Ohio Chinese American Association, Ohio Center for Cultural Exchange, Greater Cincinnati Chinese Chamber of Commerce and several Ohio Chinese schools, among others.
Forty-two (42) U.S. Congress members have spoken out to demand full investigation of Ms. Chen’s case. Community leaders expressed their outrage.
“Ms. Sherry Chen is a loyal American citizen, an award-winning scientist that dedicated her life to the good of the country.  The government’s knee-jerk reaction to false accusations against Ms. Chen sent the wrong message to the American people and has demoralized other hard working federal employees at National Weather Service that serve the country every day,” said Vincent Wang, Chairman of the Board, Ohio Chinese American Association and co-organizer of the rallies.
“This is a justice issue for all Americans, not only Asian-Americans. In our nation, it is an outrage that a citizen who proudly became a citizen and selflessly served our country was treated as a suspicious foreigner no matter how much she contributed to our nation and lost everything she built over a lifetime of virtue and hard work,” said Michele Young,  2016 OH-1 Democratic Congressional candidate and co-organizer.
“We support Sherry Chen because we don’t want such a pattern of wrongly investigating and prosecuting innocent Americans based on their race, ethnicity and national origin,” said National Asian American leader,  Treasurer of National Council of Chinese Americans, Xiaojie Shau Zavon. 
“Chinese Americans love this country and have made valuable contributions to all aspects of our society. Sherry Chen had her loyalty questioned and her livelihood taken from her, not because of actual wrongdoing but based on national origin, said Tessa Xuan, Executive Director of Greater Cincinnati Chinese Chamber of Commerce.
“Our federal government should reinstate Ms. Sherry Chen’s job with full back pay and benefits. There is no doubt this was a witch hunt from the get go,” said Lee Wong, Trustee of West Chester Township.

“Sherry Chen is an excellent scientist, dedicated employee and loyal citizen. What happened to her is totally unfair,” said Yumin Yin of the Board of Directors of the Ohio Chinese American Association.”This is not a Chinese American issue or an Asian American issue. It is an American issue that strikes at our fundamental values when American citizens are targeted for their race, ethnicity, or national origin. As U.S. Representative Ted W. Lieu said, the decision to fire Mrs. Chen was a ‘saving face issue’ for the government “, said Dr. David Chen, President of Ohio Chinese American Association.

“To make sure what happened to Ms. Sherry Chen will not happen to me and other Chinese Americans, I support Sherry Chen”, said Dr. Hong Qiu, Board Director of Ohio Chinese School.
“Injustice to Sherry Chen is injustice to all Americans”, added George Meng, a Mason Chinese School teacher and community leader.
The rally will continue from 11 am 1 pm on Wednesday. Community Press Conference begins at 11:30 am, with several national and local community leaders speaking about the impact of the Sherry Chen case to the community. 
Supporters are urged to attend the rally and the hearing in Courtroom 305 at 100 East Fifth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. 
Speaker line-up of the Community Press Conference is as follows:
11:30 Ji Su, President, National Council of Chinese Americans
11:35 Tessa Xuan, Executive Director, Great Cincinnati Chinese Chamber of Commerce
11:40 Michele Young, 2016 OH-1 Democratic Congressional candidate
11:45 Steven Lixin Feng, Principal, Mason Huaxia Chinese School
11:50 Felicity Tao, Community Leader
11:55 Clement Tsao, Employment and Labor Law Attorney
12:00 Kaz Sato, Japanese America Society of Greater Cincinnati Leader
12:05 George Weigang Meng, Chinese community leader
12:10 Vincent Wang, Chairman, Ohio Chinese American Association
For more information on the rally and Ms. Chen’s case, please visit:

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NBC News: Government Scientist Fired After Dropped Spying Charges Petitions for Reinstatement

Media contact: Media Chair Michele Young, myoung721@aol.com513-617-9152
 Chair Vincent Wang,, 765-409-2585

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