Author 4, Article 2, Date: 9/21/2016.




Trump needs to appear very presidential in the debate. He needs to talk like US president, smile like US president, use humor like US president, and use body language like US president. He must project himself as US president on a grand and epic level. Trump needs to be calm, poised and firm. Besides appearance, Trump needs to demonstrate his deep love for America and American people, first as a longtime businessman and now as a Republican presidential candidate. Trump needs to show his genuine compassion for African Americans in general but avoid talking about recently blacks being killed by police in specifics. If such a topic is asked by the moderator, Trump needs to immediately blame Obama and Hillary very harshly for not helping African Americans improve their living conditions and provide education opportunities, so that their poverty has fueled their anger. Trump should mention illegal immigrants are coming here to compete with African Americans and Hispanics for jobs and education resources. Trump needs to say his policies on trade and immigration will help minorities especially African Americans and Hispanics have more job opportunities and improve education quality. Trump needs to emphasize his policies are driven by “America first” theme for ALL Americans, whereas Hillary ‘s policies are centered around big corporations, globalist elites, wall street donors, illegal immigrants from Mexico, Islamic terrorists from middle east, and anyone but American people.

—- Leining Tom Lu, TX

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